Paid Surveys Online

Paid Surveys Online is a very popular survey membership site which has a lot of different kinds of surveys for people to take. 

These surveys are from popular companies with global outreaches and the people who take these surveys could be anyone; they do not need any special qualifications.

Benefits of Paid Surveys Online

The money that each survey can fetch is the first prime benefit here. Each survey that a person takes can earn for them $5 to $75, depending on the kind of the company that is providing the survey and the experience that the person has in answering surveys.

There are online focus groups also that people can participate in and earn as much as $50 to $150 an hour. These focus groups are groups of people that give their feedback about a particular product or service. These are generally paid out by the hour.

Another benefit is that you can get to watch movie trailers and then write about them. These movie surveys are much in demand, because movie buffs love the idea of being able to earn doing something that it is very keen of returning back home? Such movie previews give the chance to make some good money – each movie trailer preview survey can pay from $4 to $25 for each hour put into work.

Travel feedback is also provided by Paid Surveys Online. These are few and far between and also provided to qualified people. Even for driving your own car, there are chances to make as much as $1,000 and $3,000.

What's Unique about Paid Surveys Online?

The travel and driving surveys are the most different and unique aspects of Paid Surveys Online. This is because most of these sites depend only on consumer product surveys. Here, the companies on Paid Surveys Online will help vehicle owners earn up to $100 an hour. Paid Surveys Online also pays them for the gas that is used in the traveling.

The simplicity of the website interface is also good. This makes it a good choice for even newbie marketers who plan to get into this.

Other Features

Paid Surveys Online is a membership site which requires a regular subscription to be made. Payments are on different bases. If you are driving and writing feedback about it, you have to pay $29.95 for the membership. You can also pass out some free samples of the product that you are using and then ask them for their feedback. The cost of this knowledge is $25. There is also a third mode of becoming a member. You read emails and respond to them. This costs only $19.95 for the membership.

Currently, there are some bonuses thrown in to increase the popularity of Paid Surveys Online. This includes a $74.85 bonus of various Internet marketing programs. Plus, there is a sample survey being given out. Right now there is a sample survey that can pay out $20 to the winner. All major credit cards are available for the payment, as well as PayPal.


Survey Scout

Survey Scout is a membership site that provides subscribers with paid surveys. These surveys are online and pay out good money to the subscriber just for providing their opinion on a particular product. 
The product can be anything from an entire spectrum of consumer goods and the companies providing them can be total ignominies or can be global corporate businesses.

Survey Scout makes these surveys available for people from the companies within their listing and pays them money for taking these surveys.

Such paid surveys are a part of the work-at-home businesses that have become so popular today. The business is owned by, LLC.

Benefits of Survey Scout

You can take paid surveys from the comforts of your home. You get paid anywhere between $5 and $75 per survey you take which mostly depends on the reputation of the company.

There is also an online focus group where people speak about a product, giving their feedback on it. This is akin to a forum discussion with the difference that people are speaking about a product here. Participating in such focus groups is highly paying; people stand to earn from $50 to $150 an hour for participating in these.

There is also a possibility of getting paid phone surveys which are again highly paying, up to $120 an hour.

People can be given movie trailer links to download, preview them and then submit their feedback about it. This kind of online survey can pay between $4 and $25 an hour.

What's Unique about Survey Scout?

There are many things that set Survey Scout apart from the other paid survey websites that are floating about the Internet. One of the primary advantages here is that you will often get to survey new products and will get to keep them most of the time too. These new products will be usually from some of the biggest names in the corporate world.

The frequency and probability of getting a movie trailer to watch and review is high. You do not get as many movies to preview and submit your feedback about on most other paid survey sites.

Also, the surveys here are simpler and fun to do, which makes this site a good choice for people who do not have much technical knowledge of the Internet and are not very good with words. Most survey questions here will require only one-word answers.

Other Features

There is a sample survey available on Survey Scout that is good to give people an idea on what such surveys are all about. This sample survey is an emulation of the paid surveys that this website will give out.

The cost for the membership on Survey Scout is $34.95, which is much less than what other survey companies are charging. This makes this a good choice. Also, there is a sixty day money back guarantee that promises to take back the membership, refund the money and not ask any questions about why you want to turn back the membership.


Make Money Taking Surveys

Make Money Taking Surveys is an opportunity for people who wish to earn money working at home. The program teaches people how they can find surveys online and participate in them, earning good money for nothing more than their opinions.

There are various such companies, most of them big name businesses, that are looking for average people to use their products and tell them what they feel about it.

This is a constant endeavor for improving their product and keeping above the competition. However, businesses won't give out their products to be surveyed by just about anyone.

There is a specific protocol here also, and only people who have the knowledge of how to go about this will make the most of this opportunity. Make Money Taking Surveys is a membership service that tells people exactly where these opportunities are.

Benefits of Make Money Taking Surveys

The best advantage of Make Money Taking Surveys is in the concept itself. There is a lot of money in taking surveys but people don't know how to go about it. Make Money Taking Surveys tells people exactly how to.

If you try to search for survey sites yourself, you are not going to find a lot of them, at least not a lot of good paying ones. Make Money Taking Surveys removes the tedium by doing all research in advance and providing links to the survey sites that really pay well.

The payout is almost immediate. The course tells how to pinpoint the companies that need surveys and to approach them for the same. The method is as simple as point and click.

This is a very simple opportunity for working from home. You have to only fill a questionnaire that is your opinion about the product.

Make Money Taking Surveys provides knowledge on how to identify if a survey website is a scam or the real thing.

What's Unique about Make Money Taking Surveys?

Most survey membership sites will take every Tom, Dick and Harry into their database and then there arises a shortage of good survey sites for the deserving members. However, Make Money Taking Surveys check the profiles of people that become members here and then give them surveys according to their likes and dislikes. This makes the process much more interesting for the survey takers.

Another unique aspect about Make Money Taking Surveys is that it pays out in cash. There are no credits or vouchers here as other membership sites give.

Other Features

A membership to Make Money Taking Surveys costs $68 for the whole year. However, there is a coupon available on the website currently that slashes the price to half. Using this coupon makes the membership available at just $34. This coupon is a short-term feature, made available as a promotion gimmick. Very soon, the price will be upped to $68 again.

All credit cards, debit cards, PayPal and e-checks are accepted for the payment. There is also a trial period of two months (8 weeks) for the person to completely understand the program and then decide to keep the membership on. If not satisfied, the membership to Make Money Taking Surveys will be canceled, a full refund will be provided and no questions will be asked.  


Express Paid Surveys

Express Paid Surveys has on its list several companies that assign it to take surveys for them. Express Paid Surveys then selects people from its membership database to take these surveys who are then paid by the survey-seeking companies themselves.
Several companies are on a constant effort to make their products better by asking the feedback of people. Today, this has taken the shape of surveys which are conducted online.

Companies seek people who are working from home who can use their products for a while (usually) and then fill out a survey form that can contain between 10 and 50 questions about the product.

However, getting such people is not easy for these companies and so they hire agencies that develop membership sites for people who want to earn from home by taking these surveys. Express Paid Surveys is one such membership site.

Express Paid Surveys has on its list several companies that assign it to take surveys for them. Express Paid Surveys then select people from its membership database to take these surveys who are then paid by the survey-seeking companies themselves.

Benefits of Express Paid Surveys

The surveys here are from a host of companies, most of which are highly reputed names in the corporate world. The frequency of highly paying surveys is thus quite high on Express Paid Surveys.

The earnings for a simple survey through Express Paid Surveys can go on from $4 to up to $75. This is the income of a single survey, which will depend on the kind of survey, the number of questions, the experience of the person who is filling out the survey form and the reputation of the company itself.

There are also online focus groups where people get together and speak about a particular product, giving their feedbacks about it. Sometimes the products are not revealed so that the person can give more impartial answers about the product. In any case, the payment for participating in the online focus groups of Express Paid Surveys can go on to up to $150 an hour.

There are also movies that are waiting to be previewed through their trailers and then reviewed on Express Paid Surveys. These pay out to the tune of $25 an hour or even more.

What's Unique about Express Paid Surveys?

The site is different from others in the way that it clearly explains what paid surveys are through its smartly included FAQ section. Here people can really know what paid surveys are all about before they decide to join with the membership site.

Also, most of the products that people will be surveying through Express Paid Surveys will be new. In most cases, the people who survey the product will get to keep the product also. This is something that most paid survey sites do not provide. There is also a sample survey that you can take on the site before you decide that you want to go ahead with the whole paid surveys membership.

Other Features

Express Paid Surveys is among the cheapest paid survey membership site. Its subscription can be done for only $24.95. You create a profile when you become a member which is what is used when a survey is available. You will only get the surveys that are concordant with your likes and dislikes. 

Paid Surveys Online

Paid Surveys Etc is a membership site that provides subscribers with opportunities to fill out surveys for products of big name companies.

The people are paid for the surveys they take, which can be from $5 to $75 per survey depending on the length of the survey, the time that the person needs to put in, the expertise of the person taking the survey and the reputation of the company itself.

Since Paid Surveys Etc have many different companies on its list, their surveys pay out different amounts also.

Benefits of Paid Surveys Etc

One of the greatest benefits of Paid Surveys Etc is that it does the dirty job of actually finding sites to be reviewed and gives it to the subscribers. This makes it possible for the subscribers to focus only on filling out the surveys and they do not waste time on trying to find out where the plum survey sites are.

There are different kinds of websites here, suitable for everyone's tastes. Most of the companies that will need surveys will be consumer product manufacturers, but there are also various other things that people can do here such as survey movies by watching their trailers, etc.

The people who participate in the surveys almost always get to keep the product that they survey.

The payouts are quite decent. A single survey here pays anywhere between $5 and $75. Movie preview surveys are much better in paying out – a single question here can fetch between $12 and $35.

The database of companies listed on Paid Surveys Etc is 100,000 which is definitely huge.

What's Unique about Paid Surveys Etc?

The most unique feature with Paid Surveys Etc is that the companies listed here are some really big names such as Amazon, Wal-Mart, eBay, Nike, etc. This means more genuineness about the idea and bigger payments to the people who use this subscription service.

Another unique thing is that Paid Surveys Etc gives the change to submit feedbacks for entertainment based products such as movies. This is interesting considering that most other survey sites have only consumer durable items on their listing. The money for movie preview surveys is among the highest too.

The payment with all companies provided through Paid Surveys Etc is good. They also allow people to keep the product which is a unique feature. Also, there is a highly paying feature here known as online focus group which is like a conference feedback session paying as high as $150 an hour for participation.

Other Features

Paid Surveys Etc is a membership site for surveys. The cost of this membership is $69.95. However, there is a 50% discount coupon available from the website for some time now. Payments from all credit cards are accepted and also PayPal and e-check payments are taken. There is also a sixty day money back guarantee with the product. If dissatisfied with the product in any way, the subscription can be canceled and a full money refund will be made with no questions asked.